Virtual Experience

Dreamed up partly in response to the Covid lockdown, NNL's Virtual Experience (VE) presented an opportunity to showcase NNL's purpose, strategic objectives, people and world-class facilities - all in a single space and in a truly immersive fashion.

My role was to lead and inspire others to determine the art-of-the-possible. Working with other communicators, subject matter experts, business leaders, security and safety specialists, I spearheaded the direction of the VE, ensuring the content was accurate, reflected business objectives and matched the needs of other business leaders.

The final result was spectacular. Not only visually, but financially too. By reducing the number of visitors who actually needed to attend the physical facilities, the VE avoided expenditure of over $150,000 during it's first year alone - more than paying for itself.

You can take a look for yourself either by watching the trailer video below or by visiting the VE directly. If you have a VR Headset, then you'll get the full picture but it's still impressive. Pro Tip: Watch the 60 second instruction video on the right hand side when you get in there.

Presenting ... the Virtual Experience

Experience the UK's National Nuclear Laboratory like never before - all without leaving your computer.